Suspicious deaths. Shadowy experiments.

Can Chicago’s bloodhound PI expose a desperate

and deeply-rooted enterprise before more witnesses die?

PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR LILA PIPER struggles to keep her demons buried. Plagued by the trauma and recklessness of her early years, she relies on electromagnetic brain therapy to stay focused on the job. But it stretches her mind to the limit when she takes on a suspicious high-rise fatality.

As Lila scours for clues, she begins to suspect possible connections to international drug cartels and covert CIA operations that strike alarmingly close to home. But when key eyewitnesses are murdered and her family receives death threats, the stress triggers disturbing hallucinations from her wretched past. And as determined as she is to find a killer, the mind-bending truth may be beyond her reach …

The Water Column is an engrossing psychological thriller. If you like spine-chilling twists and razor-sharp action set in a dark mosaic of geopolitical espionage that is downright sinister, then you’ll love Aran Jane’s thought-provoking mystery.

Engaging. Crisply written with skilled dialogue and description. Readers will find the portrait of Lila Piper authentic and refreshing.  Aran Jane has penned a thought-provoking character who deserves her own series.

Blue Ink Review

Enthralling. A smart, offbeat detective story with an entertaining … sinuous plot turn.
Kirkus Reviews

An imaginative thriller … Aran Jane’s The Water Column plunges into a mystery from the get-go [and] suggests more rousing adventures to come.
Foreward Clarion Reviews